How do I get Bonjour for BrightAuthor?

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

Apple Bonjour Print Services for Windows allows BrightAuthor to automatically recognize networked players that have been configured for Local File Networking. Without Bonjour, you will have to manually locate the IP address of a player and enter it in BrightAuthor.

Once you have installed Bonjour on your PC, you will also need to enable it in BrightAuthor by navigating to Edit > Preferences > Networking and checking the Enable Bonjour box.

There are two ways to install Bonjour on your PC, depending on the version of BrightAuthor you are using:

BrightAuthor Versions 3.8.0.x and Later

BrightAuthor 3.8 requires Bonjour version 2.0.4 or later. To get this version of Bonjour, follow these steps:

  1. Close BrightAuthor
  2. Download iTunes for Windows:
  3. Unzip the installer (with the 7-zip program):
    • After unzipping, you will see the Bonjour64.msi file (or Bonjour32.msi). This is Bonjour installer.
  4. Run Bonjour installer.
  5. After installation completes, reboot Windows.
  6. Verify that Bonjour service has started on Windows.
    • Click Start, type Services, open Services app, locate Bonjour service, and make sure it's running.
  7. Open BrightAuthor
    • Click on Edit > Preferences > Networking, enable Bonjour.


BrightAuthor Versions 3.7.0.x and Earlier

We recommend using Bonjour version 2.0.2 for all BrightAuthor versions prior to 3.8. You can install this version of Bonjour using a standalone installer, available here.

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