Can I use my Google Drive to host a presentation?

Google Drive discontinued support for publicly hosted content at the end of August 2016. If you wish to use a third-party file hosting service for Simple File Networking or data-feed hosting, there are a number of paid services that allow you to generate public URLs for Simple File Networking.

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    WK Liu

    There is one problem though, it seems like I cannot just update and replace  "autoplugins.brs" and "current-sync", but to remove existing and re-uploading again, otherwise the device would never download the contents.

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    MidwichAU Support

    Is there a way for this to be used without have to use a public on the web shared folder? Instead the "anyone with the link" option would be good, so it's not as easy for just anyone to find and view the files?



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    Roni Starc

    It seems that the approach described in this article no longer works, because it looks like google does some redirecting and messes with the BS unit (filesize mismatch errors in the download log)  but there is an way around it.

    Paste the link that you got from the method mentioned above in a browser and hit enter. Look again at the address bar - the path changed now it looks

    or for the final link in the article above:

    Use this updated path/address in the simple file networking path instead of the one you got from the article method.


    Still no luck figuring out the "anyone with the link" way to go, sorry.


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