What storage devices are supported by my player?

The Series 4 and Series 3 models (XTx44/43, XD34/33, HDx24/23, LS424/423) support microSD cards, while earlier models support standard SD cards. Many player models support one or more additional devices (see below):

Note: See this FAQ for more information on storage device load order.

NoteWe recommend formatting your SD/microSD card using FAT32 (Series 4 and 3 players also support exFAT with firmware 6.2.94 and later). Formatting your card using NTFS allows you to play media files that are 4GB or larger in size, but the player will not be able to receive network updates or generate logs.

  USB SD microSD SSD(M.2) mSATA
XT244     X  
XT1144 X   X  
XD234     X  
XD1034 X   X  
HD242      X     
HD1042  X     X     
LS424 X    X     
XT243      X   
XT1143  X     X   
XD233      X   
XD1033  X     X   
HD223       X     
HD1023  X     X     
LS422  X     X     
4K242   X  X   
4K1042 X  X  X  
4K1142 X  X  X  
XD232    X  X    
XD1032 X  X  X    
XD1132 X  X  X    
HD222   X      
HD1022 X  X       
LS322 X  X       
LS422 X  X       
XD230    X  X    
XD1030 X  X  X    
XD1230 X  X  X    
HD120     X        
HD220    X       
HD1020 X  X       


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    Steve Klimesh

    Is exFAT supported?

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    exfat support is coming


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    Marcus Garfunkel

    The seventh item on the list should be "LS423" I believe.

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    Nordine Ayout



    Maybe someone can help me with my issue.

    I am using the XT1144 at work, I am trying to use it with a usb3 type A hard drive 1To formatted in fat32 connected on the usb type A port on the XT1144 but each time the XT1144 said me to connect a storage device.

    It works with a simple sd card but not with the hard drive.

    Any advice about this ?

    Thank you for your help.


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    are you using the xt player with its power adapter or on poe? 

    I'm assuming the usb drive isn't mounting. If the unit's networked, you can log into the unit, and go to the log tab. The log would show if the drive's mounting.  THere would also be a usb t ab if it recognized a usb drive connected. 

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    Nordine Ayout

    Hi Lyndon,


    First, Thank you for your time !

    Yes I am using the XT with its power adapter, I will try checking the log.

    I have seen one time the usb tab in the xt web panel but it says on the screen to plug a storage device.

    Could you please confirm that the SD card is not needed when the a usb hdd is used ?
    And also that it is possible to update the content of the hdd by network ?

    Thank you for your feedback.
    FYI I am from Belgium (Europe) so my answers are a little bit delayed.

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    Nordine Ayout



    Yes ! Finally working by using another hdd formatted also in fat32.

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