How do I export an Excel File as HTML?

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

It is possible to export an Excel Worksheet as HTML. The following instructions outline one way to do this.

NoteYou can also export Excel files as images: See this FAQ for more details.

1. In Excel, navigate to File > Save As.
2. In the Save as type list, select *.htm, *.html.


3. Under Save, choose Selection: Sheet and click Publish. The Publish as Web Page window will open.
4. Select the sheet(s) you wish to publish.
5. Use the Browse button to find and select your server (in the example screenshot, the HTML file is being placed into a public dropbox folder).
6. Check the AutoRepublish web page box.
7. Click Publish.


You can see the example from the screenshot published at this Dropbox URL:

The first time you save the workbook again, you will see the following window. Select the Enable AutoRepublish feature to ensure that the worksheet is automatically updated whenever a change is made to the document. 


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    MidwichAU Support

    Is this still a valid method using a public Dropbox folder as the server?

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    William Waid


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