Do BrightSign players support IPv6?

Yes, BrightSign players support both IPv4 and IPv6. To use IPv6, players must be running a 6.0.x or newer version of firmware. The IP version is selected automatically when the player connects to a network--there is no need to configure the player for IPv6.

Please note the following:

  • The BrightSign Network is not yet available via IPv6.
  • Network interfaces on the player automatically assign themselves a link-local IPv6 address.
  • SLAAC (automatic routable IPv6 address allocation) is supported if a router sends router advertisements.
  • Players support RDNSS and DNSSL for DNS configuration from router advertisements.
  • Players support DHCPv6 in combination with router advertisements.
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    Paul Hargrove

    How do I disable IPv6?

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