How do I transfer content to my player?

For a standalone unit, all you need is a USB thumb drive (for models with USB ports) or SD card. Simply publish your files to the thumb drive or flash card from BrightAuthor:connected or BrightAuthor and insert it into the player.

For networked models, you can also use:

  • Simple File Networking - Requires a web server for updates.
  • BrightSign Networking (cloud-based service) - Provides managed network updates with detailed status monitoring.
  • Local Networking - Allows you to publish directly to a player on the local network. 

If all you need is simple fullscreen playback, you can insert an SD card or USB thumb drive containing only the media files, and the player will loop that content alphabetically.

The attached script can be used to play content alphabetically with an additional USB-update feature. Simply include the script with the content files. While the player is displaying the playlist, you can plug in a USB thumb drive with different content. The script will then automatically replace the content on the SD card with the images/videos on the thumb drive and notify you when it's complete. 

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    Vuong Nguyen

    Where are the instructions to do the Local Networking transfer? There seems to be no link to download the BrightAuthor 2.3 manual yet.

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    BrightSign Support

    Instructions are in BrightAuthor 3 user guide.

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    MidwichAU Support

    This autorun script doesn't seem to replace the content on the SD card with the images on the USB thumb drive. It just seems to add to it.


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