How do I create a playlist for the Brightsign HD110 - HD1010?

The simplest playlist is a list of files in alphabetical order on the flash card. The Brightsign will play the files automatically in a loop. If you want more control over settings and playback order, you can use BrightAuthor to create a playlist.


BrightAuthor Playlist

  1. Open BrightAuthor
  2. Drag content from the media library to your playlist.
  3. You can use the Browse button to change which folder's contents are listed under the Media library.
  4. Rearrange the files in your playback to the desired playback order
  5. Publish your playlist to a flash card.



Please check out the BrightAuthor Tutorials page for instructional videos and download the Quick Start Kit which includes sample content and BrightAuthor projects.

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