How do I create a BrightAuthor Interactive playlist?

Last Updated: October 15, 2015

You can create easily Interactive playlists using BrightAuthor.

  1. Open BrightAuthor.
  2. Select the Edit tab.
  3. Set the Playlist type to Interactive.
  4. Drag content from the media library to your playlist. You can use the folder icon to change which folder's contents are listed under the Media Library.
  5. Draw connections between your state:
    1. Select the event you want to use (UDP Input, Rectangular Touch, etc) from the toolbar or the events tab.
    2. If selecting from the toolbar, click on the file that will accept the event/input and draw a connection between the current state and the next state.
    3. If selecting from the events tab, drag the event onto the state that the event will transition away from.
    4. Repeat the above steps for each pair of files you want connect. Don't forget to include Media End events to indicate what should happen when an audio/video file finishes playing.
  6. Publish your presentation.



For more information, check out the BrightAuthor Tutorials page for instructional videos and download the Quick Start Page, which includes sample content and BrightAuthor projects.

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