How do I ignore input (e.g. buttons) in my BrightAuthor interactive playlist?

When you create an interactive playlist, you choose what inputs to accept. By default, all inputs are ignored until you add them to your interactive playlist.

In the following example, we will create a simple interactive playlist that plays one Attract.mpg video until button 0 is pressed. Once button 0 is pressed, it plays the Interact.mpg video.

Step 1:

Add two videos to the Interactive playlist.



Step 2:

Draw a connection from Attract.mpg to Interact.mpg using GPIO button 0. Then, add a Media End event so that the Attract.mpg video plays when the Interact.mpg video is finished.



So far, we are only accepting outside input when the Attract.mpg video plays. GPIO button zero is ignored when the Interact.mpg video is playing. If we wanted to accept button zero input during the Interact.mpg video, and have that input immediately take us back to Attract.mpg, we would make the below changes.

Step 3:

Draw a connection from Interact.mpg to Attract.mpg state using GPIO button 0. Pushing button 0 will now take you back to the attract video.



Step 4:

  1. Delete the GPIO button zero event currently goes back to the Attract.mpg video. 
  2. Click on the Events tab under Media Library. Then drag the GPIO event onto the Interactive video. 
  3. Choose Transition to New State and select the Interact.mpg video from the dropdown list. Now, pushing button 0 restarts the Interact.mpg video instead of taking you back to the Attract.mpg video. 


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