How do I enable or disable the splash screen progress bar?

Use the attached scripts to disable or enable the startup progress bar. 

  1. Unzip the attached file.
  2. Copy the "autorun.brs" file to an SD card or USB thumb drive.
  3. Insert the card or thumb drive into the player and power it up.
  4. Give the player a minute to boot up and run the script. The script will indicate on-screen that the boot screen has been enabled or disabled.
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    James Brown

    I tried the enable script. Nothing changed. There was no loading or boot progress bar or any other indication that the machine was booting until the actual presentation started.

    These scripts are confusing. BOTH scripts have text saying "Disabled Boot/Splash Screen."

    Here's a "diff" between the two files. "Left side" (indicated by "<!") is the autorun from the enable zip file. Right side (using "!>") is the disable one.


    .\enable-autorun.brs : .\disable-autorun.brs -- includes identical,left-only,right-only,moved-left,moved-right lines
        REM Start of script
     <! EnableZoneSupport(1)
        REM Create text widget to display onscreen messaging
        registry = createobject("roRegistry")
        rect1 = CreateObject("roRectangle", mode.GetSafeWidth()/4, mode.GetSafeHeight()/2, 500, 40)
        rect2 = CreateObject("roRectangle", mode.GetSafeWidth()/4, mode.GetSafeHeight()/2+42, 500, 40)
     <! text1 = CreateObject("roTextWidget", rect1, 1, 1, { TextMode: 2, Alignment: 2 })
     <! text2 = CreateObject("roTextWidget", rect2, 2, 1, { TextMode: 2, Alignment: 2 })
     !> text1 = CreateObject("roTextWidget", rect1, 1, 1, 0)
     !> text2 = CreateObject("roTextWidget", rect2, 2, 1, 0)
        print type(rect)
        print type(text)
     <! text1.PushString("Boot Screen Disable")
     !> text1.PushString("Boot Screen Enable/Disable")
        registrySection = CreateObject("roRegistrySection", "boot")
        if type(registrySection) = "roRegistrySection" then 
        ' write web server enable
     <! registrySection.Write("splash", "1")
     !> registrySection.Write("splash", "0")
        text2.PushString("Disabled Boot/Splash Screen.")
        REM End of script
     !> loop:
     !> sleep(1000)
     !> goto loop
     <! text2.PushString("Complete. Rebooting, and copying autorun.")
     <! sleep(5000)
     <! DeleteFile("autorun.brs")
     <! RebootSystem()

    Edited by James Brown
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