How do I connect an LED to the GPIO connector (DA15) on the player?

Note: The steps below only recommend wiring the anode to pin 8 for testing. Once that's done, the anode of the LED is wired to a pin like the buttons. BrightSign players support 3.3v LEDs directly, without external power. 

  1. Connect the Anode of the LED to pin 8 (PWR), and Cathode to pin 14 (GND). We recommend using a 10-100 ohm series resistor to protect the LED. The LED will be ON and will stay ON because pin 8 is always 3.3V and pin 14 is always GND. Please use this to verify that the LED is working and there is board power.
  2. Connect the Anode to pin 15 and leave Cathode connected to pin 14 (GND).
  3. You can now control the LED with a BrightAuthor:connected project, BrightAuthor project, or script.

The LED should now work. If the LED is too dim, remove the series resistor, as the board has an internal 100 ohm series resistor to limit current to the LED. 

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