How do I connect buttons/LEDs to the GPIO port?

Last Updated: May 25, 2016

BrightSign players support eight GPIO connections by default (eight buttons, eight LEDs, or any combination of buttons or LEDs that adds up to eight). The GPIO port requires a simple contact closure connection. For an explanation of the different GPIO button pins and grounds, please consult the Hardware Interfaces documentation for your player model.

Each button/LED must be connected to a GPIO pin and to ground. 

Note: You can use a 3rd Party Partner control board to connect more than eight buttons/LEDs, support higher voltage LEDs, or use other outputs.  

Attached are two diagrams showing how four buttons and four LEDs, as well as three buttons and three LEDs, would be wired. Additionally, the PV4 document shows an example of a low-voltage button that only requires 3.3v for its LED.

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    Is there a current GPIO product to interface to the GPIO port as HMS electronics say "BrightSign has dropped the TTL port (used extensively by many HMS Interface boards).  Because HMS Electronics has a large stock of boards utilizing the TTL port an RS232-TTL adapter, there will be a delay in converting the TTL boards to RS232 boards (1 to 2 years).  As the boards are used up, then a replacement will be designed with RS232 built in."


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    Are you looking for more than the 8 gpios on the HD120? If so, how many?

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    Marc Schiedl

    HI, we also have a actual project where we need 16 instead of the 8 in-built inputs. Can you suggest a expansion module which works without many effort?

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    Samuel Metivier

     Hi, I'm in the same case or so (16 buttons => 16 videos), I was wondering if the BS-EM100 could solve this problem.


     All the best.


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    BrightSign Support

    With the standard GPIO port you can have up to 8 buttons or 8 LEDs, or a combination of LEDs and buttons totaling 8.

    There are adapters and boards made by the for the BrightSign. Their boards allow more connections starting from 16 inputs and 16 outputs +.

    HD410, HD810, HD1010 - the board plugs into the GPIO port and the 5v serial port on the unit.

    HD1020 - the board plugs into the GPIO port, and with a usb to ttl adapter, plug the ttl port on the board into the usb port on the brightsign.

    HD120 doesn't allow to have more than 8 gpios.

    You can use the expansion module with HD810, HD1010, and HD1010w. HD1020 and new XD models do not support EM100 module.

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