How do I display Excel files on a BrightSign player using BrightAuthor?

Last Updated: October 20, 2016

We do not support Excel files natively. However, you can convert them to image or text files and then display them using the player. There are many different applications that can perform this conversion (here's one example).

You can also export Excel files as HTML using the Excel software itself, then display the HTML. See this FAQ for more details.

The easiest way to convert an Excel sheet is to take a screenshot of it and save it as image file. Check the Supported Image Formats FAQ to ensure the saved images will display successfully on the player

Depending on how complicated the spreadsheet is, you can recreate the fields and layout using Live Text feature in BrightAuthor.

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    Both answers suggested defeats the purpose of displaying a spreadsheet which is so that you can keep it updated without having to republish the presentation every time!  So far, the best solution I have found for this it to use Google Sheets > choose to "Share" the sheet > and use the HTML link to display it.  This allows us to update the spreadsheet and the changes show immediately on the presentation without any need to republish.  The one issue I have with this, is that the BrightSign screen has a message at the top that says "This version of Google Chrome is no longer supported" and there does not seem to be a way to get rid of it.  It is very small, though, and doesn't interfere with the spreadsheet, so we just ignore it.  I would be interested to hear any other solutions anyone has come up with?

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