How do I connect VGA to a Composite input on an HDx20 player?

Updated: November 12, 2015

Note: Newer models (4Kx42, XDx32, HDx22, etc) require slightly different settings--please see this FAQ for additional information:

First, you need an adapter to connect the VGA output on the player to a Composite input. The VGA port on HDx20 players use the following pinout:

  • BLUE (Pb) – Pin 3
  • GREEN (Y) – Pin 2
  • RED (Pr) – PIN1 
  • GND – Pin 8, 7, 6

Composite comes out of the BLUE (Pb) – Pin 3 of the VGA.

When creating a BrightAuthor project, use the Screen resolution dropdown menu to select a PAL or NTSC output mode. 


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    Norman Garland

    We've done some more work on this feature.

    Use the adaptor cable, available from Pixels, part no: VGA3PHAD, to enable Composite (CVBS), S-video (Y/C) or Component (YPbPr) SD video outputs from the BrightSign player when the appropriate videomode is selected.










    Connections for pal-component and ntsc-component settings:

    Red phono:        Y (Component Luminance)

    Green phono:     Pr (Component difference colour)

    Blue phono:       Pb (Component difference colour)


    Connections for pal and ntsc-i, bg, n, etc, composite / s-video settings:

    Red phono:        C (S-video Chrominance)

    Green phono:     Y (S-video Luminance)

    Blue phono:       Composite video


    Norm Garland

    Pixels UK Ltd.


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    Tobias Becker

    ta for the input.

    Is there any way to output HD-YPbPr from the VGA connector or is it limited to SD only?

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    Yes, you can also output HD mode via the component cable. You just need to select a HD resolution from the presentation properties (File > Presentation Properties > Connector type = Component; Screen resolution = 1920x1080x60i - or any other resolution listed in the drop down menu) 

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    Ken Rerdon

    After I have created a project can I then change it to a different resolution?

    My application is we have a project created for display on an LCD, we want to play the same project on an analog RF modulator.

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    BrightSign Support

    You can change the resolution of a project under File > Presentation Properties > main tab.

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    Jim Jones

    Seems that we can't order this part to be delivered to the US.  Any other way to get it?



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    BrightSign Support

    You can use vga to component cable. These cables are available anywhere.

    Here are two examples of such cables:

     You will connect vga to the unit's vga port, and you will connect blue jack of the vga-to-component cable into the TV's composite input. You will set the BrightAuthor project to NTSC or PAL depending on your TV.

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    Ken Rerdon

    I have tried every combination of settings and can not get this to work using an XD1230 connecting directly to a monitor to test prior to modulating onto our CATV system.

    Connector Type: Component

    Screen Resolution:720x480x60p or set to NTSC-component

    I do get monochrome on the green wire but nothing on red or blue.


    What can I possibly be missing?

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    BrightSign Support

    See additional info in this faq

    Update the BA software and firmware on the XD1230 to the latest versions available at support site and retest. Try different vga-to-composite cable.

    Does the monitor have component or composite input?

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    David Thacker

    If I'm using a VGA to component cable like the ones Ngarland and BrightSign Support linked to, can you help me identify the additional adapter that would be needed to properly convert the VGA signal to a 4-pin S-video plug? I'm having trouble locating a converter with two phono plugs on one end (for C [S-video Chrominance] and Y [S-video Luminance]) and a standard 4-pin S-video plug on the other end. (I can find plenty of RCA to 7-pin cables, but those won't work for my application.)

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    Daniel Toman

    Cable recommendations for 2018:
    Monoprice 2409 3ft VGA to 3 RCA Component Video Cable (HD15 - 3-RCA)
    Worked great as described in the article, blue plug = composite video.

    Monoprice 2509 VGA to S-Video/RCA (Composite) Adapter Cable - Black
    The S-Video connection does work to output a composite video signal. But the RCA connector DOES NOT work, no composite signal from that jack. Fine cable if you want S-Video.

    My project required the Brightsign HD 220 to play back on an old analog CRT TV with only RF antenna inputs. So the Monoprice 2409 cable was connected to an RF converter, and from there into the TV.

    With just a video file on the SD card and no BrightAuthor project, the image was split in half on the TV screen, kind of like if the H-sync needed adjusting. We were only able to get a clear picture by creating a BrightAuthor project and choosing NTSC-M as the Screen Resolution, and Component as the Connector Type. We also had to update the firmware first on our Brightsign player before it would work with the project created with the latest version of BrightAuthor.

    Hope that saves someone a bit of time & trouble!

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