What is a Local Playlist, and how do I use it in my BrightAuthor project?

Last Updated: September 3, 2015

A Local Playlist allows you to customize which Dynamic Playlist is used in a presentation depending on the player. For example, if you have BrightSign players at a dozen different locations, and the content of the players is similar except for a few variations, you only need to create and publish a single presentation that uses a Local Playlist, rather than a dozen different presentations.

Note: The Local Playlist feature is only available for players on the BrightSign Network. 

Follow these steps to use a Local Playlist in your project:

  1. Open your BrightAuthor project or create a new one.
  2. You must create a Dynamic Playlist and create a Feed in File > Presentation Properties > Data Feeds before it will be visible in the Local Playlist. 
  3. Click the Other tab in the Media Library.
  4. Drag and drop a Local Playlist where you would normally add a Dynamic Playlist or other media feed. 
  5. Enter a unique State name
  6. Select a desired Default playlist. If no Dynamic Playlist is assigned to a player, then it will automatically use the Default playlist instead. Note that if a player is not assigned a Dynamic Playlist and no default is set for the Local Playlist, then the player will skip to the next item in the presentation.
  7. Select the desired Playlist for each player connected to your BrightSign Network account.
  8. Upload the presentation to the BrightSign Network and assign it to the desired group(s).

This screenshot shows a Local Playlist added to a looping playlist. Note that the images before and after the Local Playlist will be the same for all players that use the presentation--only the content of the Local Playlist will differ.



Note: Local Playlist is not a WebUI feature yet. In the WebUI, you can manage content within a Dynamic Playlists, but you can't choose which Dynamic Playlist plays where. You can only do this in BrightAuthor.

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