How do I download and edit a presentation that was uploaded to BrightSign Network?

BrightAuthor versions and later allow you to download presentations from the BrightSign Network. This is only applicable to presentations uploaded after this software update. After you download a presentation, you can edit it in BrightAuthor and upload it back to the BrightSign network. Follow the steps below in order to download a presentation:

  1. Sign in to the BrightSign Network from BrightAuthor (via Tools > Sign in to BrightSign Network).
  2. Go to Manage > Presentations.
  3. Right click the presentation you wish to download and select Download.


If a presentation was created in Web UI, you can retrieve and modify it using the Edit tab in the Web UI. See this FAQ for more details.


1) The following features are currently not supported:

  • You can't use BrightAuthor to download presentations that were created in the Web UI.
  • You can't edit BrightAuthor presentations in the Web UI (these presentations are marked with a lock icon).

2) Avast antivirus may cause problems with the presentation downloads from BSN. To work around this issue, right click on Avast icon in the toolbar and select Avast shields control > Disable for some time, then repeat the download.

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