Live Text Menu Board example BrightAuthor presentation -- Baxter Burger

This presentation uses a Live Text state, linked to a BSN Live Data feed, to display the pricing for a menu board application. Once installed and configured, this presentation will use a Live Data feed to update menu prices: Any changes you make to the Live Data feed via the WebUI will be reflected on the menu within a few moments.


Installation and Configuration

  1. Log in to your BrightSign Network Account via the Web UI.
  2. Go to the Create tab and select Live Data.
  3. Select Add a new feed and give it a name. 
  4. Enter the data below, using one set of Title/Description fields for each item/price pair. 
  5. Download the file from the link below and unzip it to a location on your PC.
  6. Open the project file named baxterburger720_v2.
  7. Navigate to File > Presentation Properties > Data Feeds and click Add Data Feed.
  8. Specify a Feed name.
  9. Select the Live Data Feed field and choose the Live Text feed created in Step 4.
  10. Adjust the Update Interval to 30 seconds and click OK.
  11. Select the "Live Text" zone and double click on the Live Text state.
  12. Under the Data Feed Name field, select the name of the Live Text feed you created in Step 4. Repeat this process for all 19 text items in the Live Text state. You can use the Next button to advance through all the Live Text items quickly.
  13. Once all 19 fields are associated with your Live Text Feed, select OK to close the Live Text window.
  14. Save the presentation and publish it your player using any publishing method.

The presentation will begin running and download the dynamic data from the Live Data feed. Making changes to the Live Data feed will update the menu within a few moments.

Making Live Text Updates via the Web UI

Follow these steps to make edits to the Live Text pricing.
  1. Log in to your BrightSign Network account via the Web UI.
  2. Go to the Create Tab and select Live Data.
  3. Select the Live Data feed linked to the presentation.
  4. Edit the pricing of any of the fields and select Save. The pricing on the display will update within 30 seconds.
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