How do I Install the Wireless Module on an XD player?

These instructions explain how to install the XD Wireless Module on any XD player. You can also view a set of visual instructions here

  1. Remove the two screws (one on each side) located closest to the back of the player.  Note that the front of the player is the surface with the XD logo printed on it.
  2. Remove the top plate of the player by applying pressure from the back of the plate towards the front.
  3. Find the six-pin header located on the circuit board towards the front of the player.
  4. Align the header on the Wifi module with the six-pin header on the XD player.
  5. Ensure that all six pins of the header and the two plastic clips are properly aligned and press down on the module until it is firmly in place.
  6. Replace the top plate by placing it on top of the player and applying pressure from the front towards the back.
  7. Re-insert the two screws that were removed in Step 1.
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