How do I properly remove and replace an SD memory card in a BrightSign player?

Last Updated: May 6, 2016

Please view this short 2 minute video to learn the steps for successful SD card exchange in a BrightSign player.

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    Megan Martel

    I see that this video is listed in the Step by Step training section, but when I click on the link the video does not come up. I continued through the list of tutorial videos following along with my own BroadSign player (an XD 230) with memory card and now I am wondering if I missing this video was an important step.

    Now my player's error light continues to flash 3 times unless there is an SD card inserted (in which the error light will flash 10 times).

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    BrightSign Support

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks for your reply. We will fix the video on the tutorials page.

    What firmware version is installed on your XD230 unit? You can boot the unit without SD card, and it will display the firmware version on the screen.

    What BrightAuthor version are you using? Go to Help - about BrightAuthor to tell.

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    Douglas Savoie

    Video completely out of date. I am using XT1144 series 4 playet with 128GB micro SD card. Instructions state SD card must be formatted FAT32! This IS 2018 with Windows 10 which does NOT support FAT32. Bright Sign really needs to get up to date.

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