How do I change the behavior of the firmware update process?

NoteThe following instructions apply only to updating firmware using local storage (SD card or USB drive).

The standard behavior of a .bsfw update file is to delete itself from the local storage once the firmware update process is complete and the player reboots. However, depending on your setup, an alternate behavior may be preferable. If you’re using a single USB drive to set up many players, for example, you might want the update file to remain on the card after updating or to not update the player if it already has a newer version of firmware.

To alter the update behavior as described below, append all the text after the asterisk (*) to the name of the .bsfw or update file. For example, to apply the *_save.bsfw characteristic to an update file named “brightsignXD-4.4.82-update.bsfw”, rename it “brightsignXD-4.4.82-update_save.bsfw”.


The update file will not be deleted after the update is applied. The player will not automatically reboot after applying the update until the storage device containing the update file is removed.


The update will only be applied if the firmware file is newer than the installed firmware on the unit. The file is not deleted after the update process is completed. If the player is booting up in Safe Mode, the firmware update will always be applied because the firmware version of the player cannot be checked beforehand.


The update will only be applied if the version of the update file does not match the current firmware version of the player. The file is not deleted after the update process is completed.

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    Ronald A. Ramos

    Advanced Settings: Depending on the device or software, there might be advanced settings or developer options that offer more control over the firmware update process. Be cautious when adjusting these settings, as they might affect the device's stability or security.

    Firmware Customization: In some cases, especially with more advanced devices, you might be able to modify the firmware itself to change how updates are handled. This is a complex process and usually requires technical knowledge.

    Contact Support: If you're unsure about modifying firmware update behavior or if it involves critical systems, it's a good idea to contact the manufacturer's support. They can provide guidance on the appropriate steps to take.


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