Customizing the size of the streaming buffer

Important: If a player is using firmware version 6.2, the method described below requires firmware version 6.2.147 or later.

You can modify the default buffer sizes associated with incoming audio/video streams. Increasing the buffer can help improve the performance of high-bitrate video streams or audio/video that is being streamed over a slow network.

Note that increasing the buffer size will also increase the playback delay (latency) when the stream begins, but decreasing the default buffer size will not shorten it. View this FAQ to learn more about reducing the default latency.

You can modify the default buffer size by appending optional parameters to the end of a streaming URL in a BrightAuthor Video Stream or Audio Stream state (this method also applies to custom scripts). The URL parameters must be formatted as follows:



Note that all buffer sizes are specified in bytes.

  • buffersize: The size of the main buffer. Once streaming data comes into the main buffer, it is immediately split into the audio and video buffers. The default size of the main buffer is 1.5MB for HD models, 3MB for XD models, and 6MB for 4K models.
  • vcdbsize: The size of the video-coded data buffer. The default size of this buffer is 3MB for HD models, 3MB for XD models, and 6MB for 4K models.
  • acdbsize: The size of the audio-coded data buffer.  The default size of this buffer is 256KB for all models.
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    I appreciate the advice. The performance of high bit rate video or audio/video streams being streamed over a sluggish network can be enhanced by increasing the buffer. It usefull to helps me with the project happy wheels

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    Hande Ozkan

    what are those sizes for new XC5 players, can we give 15 mins latency to a 1080p streaming for example?

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    tara bisa

    Hi Snow Rider 3D

    What are those sizes for the new XC5 players, and can we offer 15 minutes of delay to an example of 1080p streaming?


    Edited by tara bisa
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