What ports are used when publishing Local File Networking updates?

BrightAuthor communicates with the BrightSign player using HTTP port 8080. The Bonjour protocol is used for discovery on TCP port 5354 and UDP port 5353. Bonjour is not used when you add the unit manually using its IP address.

Note: Port 8008 is used for the variables page.

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    wang xiao tong

    I setup a player and connect to customer WiFi network and get IP address by DHCP. I can see the player on management site but I fail to publish playlist to player, because I can not find player on publish list? any action I need to do?

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    Jan Krakora

    Hello. Is possible to change port 8080 when this port is used for another network service (proxy) in PC?

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    Mirolli, Joe


    Brandon (BrightSign)

    Jun 2, 2021, 2:10 PM PDT

    Port 8080 is the port used on the player for the Local Web Server (LWS) which accepts LFN publishing, other devices on the network like switches and proxy servers that run their own servers on port 8080 won't affect that, and even if the publishing PC is running a server on port 8080, that still won't affect things since the source port is a random ephermeral port.  The destination IP and port matter, the source port rarely does.

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