How do I create a BrightWall™ with the BrightSign Network?

Important: BrightWall™ is not supported in the current version of BrightAuthor:connected and BSN BrightWall™ requires BrightAuthor versions or later. 

Note: You can also use the Autowall Plugin Kit to publish video walls that automatically resize to fit the number of players in the wall.

Creating a BrightWall and distributing a presentation to it via the BrightSign Network requires several steps within BrightAuthor. Follow these steps to create a BrightWall group, create a BrightWall within the BrightWall group, and publish your presentation to the BrightWall group:

1. Sign in to your BrightSign Network account by navigating to Tools > Sign In to BrightSign Network.
2. After creating your BrightWall presentation, click the Upload to network button in the top-right. This will upload both the BrightWall presentation and BrightWall configuration file to the BrightSign Network.
3. Navigate to the Manage > Status tab.
4. Expand the BrightWall Groups section at the bottom of the screen.
5. Click Add BrightWall Group.
6. Enter a BrightWall group name and select a BrightWall configuration. The BrightWall configuration will be applied to every BrightWall created within the group. Click OK when finished.
7. Once you’ve created a BrightWall group, you will need to set up players as part of the BrightWall configuration:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit.
  2. Select the BrightWall Group option under Networked with the BrightSign Network.
  3. Use the BrightWall Group dropdown list to select the BrightWall group created in steps 5 and 6.
  4. Click the Add BrightWall button to add a new BrightWall to the BrightWall group. Enter a BrightWall name and click OK.
  5. Use the Screen Number dropdown list to specify the section of the BrightWall to which the player belongs. Screens are numbered by row, starting from the top-left section of the BrightWall. Note that, to change the positioning of the player in the BrightWall, you must set up the player again.
  6. Enter the rest of the player configuration settings as desired and set up the player.

BrightWall Creation Callout(for FAQ).png

8. Repeat step to set up every player in the BrightWall—make sure to use the same BrightWall Group and BrightWall Name for all players in the BrightWall.
9. Navigate to the Publish > BrightSign Network tab.
10. Select the BrightWall Presentations option.
11. Under Select BrightWall Group to Schedule, select the BrightWall group you created in steps 5 and 6.
12. Add one or more BrightWall presentations to the schedule.
13. Click Publish schedule. Make sure all the players in the BrightWall are powered up and connected to the Internet. Allow time for the players to download the content, reboot, and synchronize playback.

Adding a New BrightWall to the Group

Use the Add BrightWall option during unit setup to add additional BrightWall(s) to the BrightWall group. A new BrightWall will use the same configuration and be scheduled with the same presentations as other BrightWall(s) in the group.

Using Configuration Files

Each BrightWall presentation within a BrightWall group must use the same configuration file. If you want to create additional BrightWall presentations with different configuration files, you will need to create additional BrightWall groups in the Manage > Status tab. 

Retrieving Configuration Files from BSN

If you don’t have the original configuration file (for example, if the user who created the original configuration file is on a different PC), you will need to retrieve it from BSN:

  1. Navigate to the Manage > Presentations tab.
  2. Expand the BrightWall Configurations section.
  3. Right-click the original configuration file and select Download to save the file to your hard drive.
  4. When creating a new BrightWall presentation, use the Browse button to locate and select this configuration file.
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  • 0
    Michael Combs

    I am running into an error:

    "Error Accessing Brightwalls"

    I have created the files and all my players (HD223) are on the BSN and in Groups.

  • 0
    Jeremy Andrus

    Correct me if I'm reading this wrong, but after reading this article it appears you can't *create* a Brightwall with BrightSign Network. It looks like you can only publish it via BSN? We are a 95% Mac business. Previously, we would remote into one of the few PCs on property to publish via Brightauthor. Once we heard about BSN it allowed us to no longer need that PC. I had great hopes we could continue with this strictly Mac setup, but this article seems to tell me different. 

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