BrightAuthor doesn't show files I recently added to the Media Library

Last Updated: October 27, 2015

If you add content to your Media Library folder when BrightAuthor is open, it doesn't automatically refresh. You need to click on the Refresh button to update the Media Library.


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    Michael Bodine

    I can't get either the file sub-window or the presentation sub-window to update in the Edit tab when I replace a JPEG with a new version of the same name. I can close the application and re-open it, navigate to a different folder and navigate back, click the refresh button, nothing seems to replace the thumbnails in these displays with the new content. However, if you delete the old slide from a presentation and then drag what *appears* to be the old one back into the presentation, the published version shows in the output with the correct version of the pic. I suppose a work-around is to rename the new slide, then replace the old page that way, but there really ought to be a way to refresh the thumbnails! (BA on Win 7)

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