BrightAuthor projects don't play on my BrightSign player

Last Updated: October 27, 2015

If you're getting a blank screen after you publish your presentation and start up the player, you're most likely experiencing a problem either with your content or with the video resolution that the published project is set to.

  1. Check the Screen resolution of your project in File > Presentation Properties > Main. Some resolutions only work over HDMI or over VGA. If, for example, you set the resolution to 1920x1080, but your player is connected using VGA, you will not see anything on the display.
  2. Determine whether the Force Resolution option is enabled in File > Presentation Properties > Main (in BrightAuthor 4.3 and later). When the Force Resolution option is enabled, the display will be blank if it doesn't support the specified Screen resolution. When this option is disabled, the player will negotiate with the monitor to find a supported video mode if the monitor doesn't support the specified Screen resolution.
  3. Check if the red error light is blinking. If it is, count the number of times it flashes. If the red error light flashes 10 times with your published project, it normally means that the published project tried to do something that the player doesn't support. See this FAQ for a full description of error light codes.
  4. Determine if your project requires an Internet connection. For example, if you publish a project that only displays an RSS feed, MRSS feed, or Signchannel, and the unit is unable to connect to the Internet, then the screen will be blank.
  5. If you are testing a synchronization or BrightWall project, and the master unit does not have an Ethernet link, it may fail to start playback. Verify that the master unit is connected via Ethernet and has a network connection. If you need to test the project without an Ethernet connection, publish a new copy without synchronization. 
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    John Bourne

    I would like to know how the Brightsign player can show a signchannel playlists or channel.  All I want to do is show a  weather MRSS for Auckland New Zealand and the only one I can find is through Signchannel. I realize I will have to pay a subscription to Signchannel but what do I have to do once I drag the signchannel icon into the Brightsign playlist section.

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    Joey Cummings

    First, subscribe to the Signchannel content feed. On the Signchannel web interface you will see that you have one subscription pending and waiting to be assigned. Information will be requested like the name of your BS unit and an authorization code. Now go back to BA. When you drag the Signchannel widget into the BA playlist, publish the project. Watch the display screen. Instead of seeing the RSS graphic, you will see a 6 digit code displayed on the screen. Take note of the code. Go back to the Signchannel web interface and enter the code and the EXACT name of your BS controller. Once authorized, the content will start appearing within a few minutes.

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