Changing settings under Edit > Preferences doesn't have any effect in BrightAuthor.

Last Updated: October 29, 2015

When you change settings for a project under Edit > Preferences, and then publish the project immediately afterward, the new settings will not be used because Edit > Preferences are primarily global settings. Any changes you make in this window will be applied when you create a new project.

If you want to change the current settings in the project you are working on, you need to change the properties of the following:

  • The media states themselves: transition time, volume, on-screen duration, etc.
  • The Zone Properties (accessible for each zone in the Edit > Playlist tab): view mode, image mode, audio mixing, font and text preferences, etc.
  • The Presentation Properties (File > Presentation Properties): Variables, Data Feeds, etc.
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    Hi there,

    But how can we then change the storage settings for a running project?
    For example change the limits under Edit -> Preferences -> Storages?

    We would have expected that when we change the settings and re-publish this will effect the player / BA program and behavior…

    Again, how can we change the settings for an already created project?

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