I can't log in to my BrightSign Network Account using BrightAuthor

Last Updated: October 28, 2015

If you were able to log in to the BrightSign network previously and you configured BrightAuthor to remember your login information, this could indicate a temporary outage. Please try to log in again later. If this problem continues, please contact support@brightsign.biz.

If your login has never worked or you enter your login each time you want to access the BrightSign Network, try the following:

  1. Verify your login information: Account, Login Name (email address), and Password. If you're copying and pasting, please make sure there's no trailing space after the account or email address.
  2. Use the BSN Connectivity Checker (available on the Developer Resources and Utilities page) to verify that your firewall software isn’t preventing BrightAuthor from accessing the BrightSign Network servers.
  3. Add an RSS feed to a BrightAuthor project (File > Presentation Properties > Data Feeds) and click Validate to confirm if BrightAuthor can reach the Internet.
  4. If Internet Explorer has proxy server settings enabled, then BrightAuthor will use those settings as well. This can also prevent BrightAuthor from reaching the Internet.
  5. Please reproduce the problem. When BrightAuthor returns the error, close BrightAuthor and retrieve the eventlog.xml and UserPreferences.xml files . Don't reopen BrightAuthor before sending these files because they will be overwritten.

The eventlog.xml and UserPreferences.xml files can be found in the following locations. You may need to set your computer to show hidden files and folders to find this folder:

Windows Vista

C:\Users\jsmith\AppData\Local\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\[current BA version]

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\jsmith\Local Settings\Application Data\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\[current BA version]

Windows 7

C:\Users\jsmith\AppData\Local\BrightSign\BrightAuthor\[current BA version]

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