"Access...Denied" error when uploading to BrightSign Network

If you see the error, "access to the path 'Content' is denied.", then you need to update your BrightAuthor software. This error only occurs with BrightAuthor releases older than Please download the latest BrightAuthor from the Downloads page.

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    Kenich Alvarez Moreno


    Im using 6 XD 1030 units. I was upgraded from a workstation to a laptop. Copied my BS files, installed software (i was in 3.8 now 4.1). I installed my units, the net (for im using an access point just for my BS and screens). At first i got the message to upgrade firmware, and i could see my units, then they got the message "unable to connect", and now i cant even see them nor add them using the IP address of the BS units. I uninstalled the software, the antivirus, turned down firewall, ping'ed the IPs and got answered, check the IPs directly in the browser and are ok... but just cant access to the units and i got no more ideas of what to do... any help will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    Win 7 Pro / 16 Gb Ram / 1Gb 7,200 HD / connecting through wifi onto acces point (only i can see it and i only got password) / 6 XD 1030 Brightsign units / Local Network / 8 Gb SD Mem in each. 


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    If the players gave you an error saying you needed to update firmware, you'll need to update the firmware on the units before they show up again in brightauthor. Can you access the diag server on the players?

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