BrightAuthor is not responding when using Local File Networking

There is a known issue with BrightAuthor where occasionally BrightAuthor stops responding if it’s unable to discover a unit that’s setup to use Local File Networking. This can happen when you either go to the Publish > Local File Networking tab or when you go to the Manage > Local File Network tab.

  • Try quitting and reopening BrightAuthor.
  • If the player is no longer listed, you can add it manually by clicking the Add button in the Publish > Local File Networking tab or the Manage > Local File Network tab.
  • Try manually assigning the IP address of the player during the Unit Setup process and uninstalling all instances of Bonjour on your PC. You can then add the BrightSign manually using its IP address.
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    Jim Clabo

    I will uninstall Bonjour.  The unit has been assigned a static IP address.

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