How do I change audio output using BrightAuthor? (Analog, HMDI, SPDIF)

Last Updated: October 28, 2015

When you create or edit a BrightAuthor project, you can change the audio output settings for the current project in the Zone Properties window. 

  1. Select the Video Only, Video or Images, Audio Only, or Enhanced Audio zone you wish to edit in the Edit > Layout tab.
  2. Click the Zone Properties button.
  3. Audio Output: Use these checkboxes to select which output(s) you want the zone to use (SPDIF output is not available on all models). For the HDMI/SPDIF checkboxes, determine whether you want the audio to be output as Pass through or Stereo:
    • Pass through: Supplies the un-decoded audio signal through the connector. Use this option if the zone audio (for example, AC3 Dolby Digital) is being decoded on an external device.
    • Stereo: Supplies the decoded audio signal through the connector.

You can also change the following options:

  • Audio Mixing: Determine whether to send the Left signal, Right signal, or the full Stereo signal.
  • Initial volume (Audio): Set the initial volume for audio files (0-100).
  • Initial volume (Video): Set the initial volume for video files (0-100).
  • Minimum Volume: Set the minimum volume for the zone (0-100).
  • Maximum Volume: Set the maximum volume for the zone (0-100). This setting can be overridden by other volume settings in a presentation, including the Initial Volume setting for the zone and volume commands attached to events or states.
  • Fade (in seconds):(Enhanced Audio zones only) Specify the duration of cross-fading between audio files, as well as the fade in and fade out durations at the beginning and ending of a playlist.
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    video star


    Trying to build a surround project with test files from Brightsign support, but there´s no multichannel audio settings under the Zone Properties tab. Only an Audio Output:  HDMI (Pass through), plus it says "Audio mixing: Stereo/Left/Right"


    Something I´m not getting right?

  • 0

    Hello! Pass-Tthough is grayed out. I cannot select it. Is there anyway to change that? I think thats the reason why i cant play my ac3 5.1 file. Please let me know what i can do.  (xd233)

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    ted nordlander

    I'm having the same issue as Shawn above.  Tried on Presentation Properties and Zone Properties without luck.  Could this be Firmware issue?

  • 0
    Shawn Fausett

    I'm trying to play an audio file through a HD120.  Whenever I make adjustments to the volume as described above it doesn't apply the volume change.  I've attempted to adjust the audio in every possible field with the same loud result.

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    Alex Bright

    Step 1 is wrong. The Zone Properties button is not in the Edit > Layout tab, it's Edit > Playlist tab.  Please update.

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    Susan Harris


    Good Morning,  I had a client that emailed me the issue below.


    can you tell me how to correct the issue she is having?  Thanks.


    "This happens too much…when I enter a line item & it is not unique…it tells me is must be unique so I change it then it will not hold the time…I enter it & it looks like it’s ok, but when I click on the check mark it goes back to gray in color & no time!  Can that be fixed?  I have to cut and paste & put in another box and go back and delete the one I had put it in. "




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    BrightSign Support

    Audio output options are slightly different for the HDx20 and XD models (see attached). You need to select HDMI Pass through.

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    Timothy Goetmaeker

    Is it possible to change the audio output to analog stereo by editing the files on an SD-card?

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