BrightSign network status is red after downloading an updated schedule

Last Updated: October 28, 2015

There are several possible causes for a red status after a player downloads a scheduled project from your BrightSign Network account. Causes can include an empty schedule, out of date firmware, corrupt content, unsupported media, or a partially failed download. It may be necessary to force a unit into Recovery Mode to get it working properly again. See the Forcing Recovery directions at the bottom of this FAQ for more details.

  1. Verify that the player is running firmware that is compatible with your BrightAuthor version.
    • If you've updated to a new version of BrightAuthor recently or are publishing to a a new player, your player may require a firmware update to support new BrightAuthor presentations.
    • Solution: Force recovery (see below) after publishing an updated project with a firmware update attached. To attach a firmware update to a presentation, click the Specify Firmware Update button in the Publish > BrightSign Network menu and select the production or beta version of firmware.
  2. Check the length of time images are set to play, even if there's only one file in the playlist. Make sure each image is set to 4 seconds or more.
    • With older BrightAuthor versions, images set to 3 seconds or less can cause a red status.
    • Under Edit > Preferences, you can set the default Image timer to greater than 3 seconds.
    • You can edit individual image timers for states in your BrightAuthor playlist.
    • Solution: Enable recovery after publishing the updated project.
  3. A corrupt or improperly encoded video can cause the player to reboot.
    • Corrupt media can cause the player to continuously reboot before its normal call-in period.
    • Solution: Enable recovery after uploading the updated project.
  4. Check for "failed to download sync list" or other errors under Manage > Status > Info.
    • Occasionally, the player may fail to download the current-sync.xml file after the schedule has been updated. 
    • Try uploading the BrightAuthor project to BSN again and republishing it. 
    • If that fails, rename the project, upload it, and then publish it again.
    • Check also if the subscription of the player has expired, leaving it in a suspended status.
  5. Check under Download Progress for files that failed to download.
    • If any files from the last download session failed to download successfully, the unit's status will change to red. 
    • Navigate to Manage > Status, right-click the player, and select Download Progress. This will display the current status of content downloads for the player.
    • Remove the files from the project and upload the project to BSN again.
    • Upload problem files again to BSN if those files fail to download repeatedly.

Forcing Recovery

If the player doesn't appear to be calling in or is in a reboot loop, you can force it to go through the recovery process the next time it boots up. There are two recovery modes: one will reformat the flash card and one will not. When the unit goes through Recovery, it downloads the currently published project again, along with the updated schedule. If you choose "no reformat" recovery, then only new content files will be re-downloaded.
  1. Publish an updated BrightAuthor project (including a firmware update if needed).
  2. In BrightAuthor, navigate to the Tools > Advanced menu.
  3. Click the Control tab.
  4. Paste or type in the serial number of the player. This number can be found by navigating to Manage > Status, right-clicking the player, and selecting Info--the serial number is listed in the Unit ID field.
  5. In the Action dropdown menu, select Recovery - reformat or Recovery - don't reformat.
  6. Click Add Action.
  7. Reboot the player:
    • Detach and reattach the power cable.
    • Use the Reboot command if you have the Diagnostic server enabled.
    • Wait for the unit to restart if it's in a reboot loop.
The BrightSign will check for the recovery flag when it powers up, before it tries to play the presentation on the SD card. 
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