BSN player status is red and it can't be moved to a different group

If the status indicator is red and the player won't stay in the group you moved it to, but the player is connecting normally, then the player may be having trouble downloading the current-sync.xml file (i.e. the BSN sync spec) for the new group.

  1. If the unit is automatically going to the “Unassigned” group, temporarily publish a project to the “Unassigned” group. Once the player successfully downloads this project, you can move it to the proper group.
  2. Verify there’s a project published to the group you are trying to move the player into.
  3. Try sending a Recovery command to the player:
    1. In BrightAuthor, navigate to the Tools > Advanced menu.
    2. Click the Control tab.
    3. Paste or type in the serial number of the player. This number can be found by navigating to Manage > Status, right-clicking the player, and selecting Info--the serial number is listed in the Unit ID field.
    4. In the Action dropdown menu, select Recovery - don't reformat.
    5. Click Add Action.
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