BrightSign Network - Recovery

If the BrightSign doesn't appear to be calling in or is in a rebooting loop, you can force the unit to go through Recovery the next time it boots up. There are two recovery modes: one with a reformat of the flash card and one without. When the unit goes through Recovery, it downloads the currently published project again, along with the updated schedule. If you chose "no reformat", then only new content files are redownloaded.
  1. Publish an Updated BrightAuthor project (including a firmware update if needed)
  2. In BrightAuthor, go to the Tools menu
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Click on the Control tab
  5. Paste or Type in the serial # of the BrightSign
  6. Select "recovery - no reformat" or "recovery - format"
  7. Click "Add Action"
  8. Restart the BrightSign by applying "reboot" command. You can also restart the player using one of the options below:
    • Manually by pulling its power or 
    • Using the Reboot command if you have the Diagnostic server enabled
    • or Wait for the unit to restart if it's in a rebooting loop
The BrightSign will check for the recovery flag when it powers up, before it tries to play what's on the flash card. 
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    Says that it needs to be updated.  First I couldn't update the firmware so I deleted the first one and updated the second one.  It would not update.  Sent pictures of what the screen says after you get so far. 

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    Lee Dydo

    How is this done in BA:Connected?

    Edited by Lee Dydo
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