What are System Users and Roles in BSN?

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

For more information about the permissions system for the BrightSign Network Web UI, please see the Web UI Permissions User Guide.


As an Administrator, you have the ability to create individual users with access to your BSN network. You can give these user accounts to others so that multiple people can manage a single network. Whenever you create a new user account, you will receive an email with the user credentials, including the password.


To use features through the network (e.g. managing groups), a user must be associated with a role. Each role has a specific set of permissions, and you can move a user from one role to another, based on which tasks you want them to perform. If you want to grant a user full access, you can assign him/her to the Administrator role.

You can assign roles in BrightAuthor that match permissions in BrightSign Network. With this feature, users you have added will be able to use both BrightAuthor and the WebUI to manage your network, all within the limited permissions you have determined for them.

Granular Permissions

You can view the exact permissions of each role in the Settings > Permissions page in the WebUI. Below Operations, the features are divided into categories. Click the arrow beside a category to view all the tasks within it. Click a particular task, and refer to the list of roles below Permissions for.

The bullets beside each role will adjust when you click a task to indicate whether the role can perform that task. If permitted, the bullet will appear beneath Allow. If restricted, it will appear below Deny.

Creating a New User

To create a User, navigate to the Users and Roles page in the WebUI. In the right portion of the screen, click Create New User and enter the User account information (including the role).

Editing Roles

You can also change the roles associated with users in the Users and Roles page. Determine which role you want to change a user to, and click its name below Roles in the left portion of the screen. All users currently assigned to that role will be displayed below Assigned Users. To add a user to the role, click the user account from the Users List and drag it to Assigned Users.

If you want to disable or delete a user, click the properties for a User under the Users List. You can Delete or Disable the user account in the Properties window.

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    Somewhere there should be a thorough discussion of the permissions and what is granted by each.

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    Mond Ascendantglobal

    question if there a way i can setup a security that will request a username & password before publishing to specific unit?

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