How do I create and edit Groups in the BSN web UI?

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

The BrightSign Network WebUI supports full management of Groups. Click the Groups tab to perform any of the following tasks:

Create/delete Groups

To create a new Group, click Add Group and enter the appropriate information in the Create Group window. To delete a Group, click Properties beside a Group. In the Group Properties window, click Delete. All players that are part of that Group will be moved to the "Unassigned" Group.

View players and move them between Groups

Click the arrow beside a Group name to view a list of all devices within the Group. To move a device to a different Group, click the device in the list, click Move Device To…, and select a new Group for the device. You can also drag and drop players between groups.

View Group statuses

The status of all Groups is displayed beside each Group in the list. The Group status is a combination of the statuses of all players in the Group:

  • If all players are green, the Group will display green.
  • If all players are red, the Group will display red.
  • If one or more players are yellow or red (but not all of them), the Group will display yellow. See this FAQ for more details about player status colors.

View active presentations in Groups

A dropdown list of all active presentations is displayed beside each Group in the Groups tab. If you want to view all presentation schedules within a Group, click the properties for the corresponding Group, and click the Presentations tab in the Group Properties window. Here, you can view a list of all presentations and their scheduled times. Use the calendar to filter by date.

Publish presentation schedules to Groups

To add a new presentation to a Group, click the arrow beside the appropriate Group, click Add Presentation, and create a schedule in the Schedule Presentation window. See this FAQ to learn more about creating schedules.

Edit presentation schedules

To edit presentation schedules, click Properties for a particular group. In the Group Properties window, click the Presentations tab, hover your mouse pointer over a presentation, click Edit, and adjust the schedule.

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    Steve Clayton

    Why can't a group be renamed? This is basic stuff and there is no excuse for it not being possible!

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    Hemant Desai

    I am trying to create a new group as I did in BA in the past. I have BSN cloud account and I don't see a tab +add group. Please, help.I have 32 players and i used the Group by zone. Here I will use by Player Group 1,2,3, Please Help have attached the Screen shop

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