How do I create Live Data feeds in the BrightSign Network WebUI?

Last Updated: December 29, 2015

The BrightSign Network allows you to create, edit, and host Live Data feeds within the WebUI. You can use these feeds in the Live Text portion of your BrightAuthor presentations.

1. Navigate to the Live Data section under the Create tab.
2. Click the Add New Feed button above the list of live text feeds.
3. Enter the desired name and click Create
4. Enter a name for your first entry in the Name column. In the Value column, enter the text that you want to be displayed in the Live Text field of the presentation.

Note: Including any of the following characters will cause the UI to give an “Invalid Format” error: < > & " ' # @ % ^ ) ( . If you need to include any of these characters in your Live Text feed, you will need to host an RSS feed using a third-party service.

5. Click on the grayed fields below the first entry to add another entry. New fields will appear as long as you continue to add entries.

Note: Though you can add as many blank entries as you would like, you will not be able to save the feed until all fields have values in them. If you have extra blank entries, you can delete them by clicking the red box to the right of the Value column.

6. Click the Save button below the entries. If you would like to rename the Live Text feed, click the Save Feed As… button next to the Save button.

Once you save a Live Data feed, a URL address for the feed will be created. You will be able to use this Live Text feed in your BrightAuthor presentations. See the BrightAuthor Data Feeds documentation for more information on including Live Text elements in your presentations.

In BrightAuthor, you can include your newly created Live Text feed in a Live Text state or Ticker zone. You can also use it to remotely modify User Variables.

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    Anna Laurin

    Can this be updated?? I can't find out to make the live data feed actually live on the screen. This doesn't help at all.

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