What do the status colors next to players and groups mean in the context of the BrightSign Network?

The colors (which are located in the Groups tab of the BrightSign Network and the Manage tab in BrightAuthor) indicate connectivity status and other important information.


This color indicates that the player has a presentation scheduled and has successfully communicated with the BrightSign Network within a certain time period.

Note: You can customize how frequently the player connects to the BrightSign Network to check for content updates and confirm the health of the connection. In BrightAuthor, navigate to the Manage > Status tab, right-click a player, and select Edit. Under the Networked with BrightSign Network option, use the Content Check Frequency dropdown menu to indicate how often you want the player to connect to the server (between a range of 5 minutes and 24 hours).


This color indicates that the unit has missed its last scheduled update. For example, if you set the player to update every 5 minutes, and it has been 6 minutes since the player last checked in for an update, then the color will have changed to yellow.


This color can indicate a number of errors:

  • Connectivity: The unit has missed multiple update cycles.  For example, if the player is set to update every 5 minutes, and it has not connected with the BrightSign Network for 11 minutes, then the color will change from yellow to red.
  • Scheduling (Applies only to BrightAuthor versions 3.4 and earlier): No presentations are scheduled for the player. For example, if you have set up a unit, but have not assigned a presentation to it yet, then the color will be set to red.
  • Downloads: Red may indicate one of the following download errors:
    • The player cannot download the current sync file, which is downloaded each time it checks in with the BrightSign Network. You can see this by viewing the Error log in the Info window.
    • The player failed to download one or more files in a recently published presentation. You can see the download status of each file listed in the Download Progress window.

Note: The Info and Download Progress windows can only be viewed in BrightAuthor. Navigate to Manage > Status and right-click on a player name to access either the Info or Download window.

  • Errors: The system has crashed due to a script error, or attempts to write to the SD card have failed because the card is malfunctioning or is locked. You can see these errors by viewing the Error log in the Info window.
  • Subscription: The subscription for the player’s serial number has expired, and the unit has been suspended.  You can see the subscription status by clicking on the properties of a player.
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    Jeroen Van ham

    How to select the duration on the time-axis ? I would like to get an overview of the network status in the last 30 days. (now I only see the last 24 hours)

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