How do I create and publish a presentation in the WebUI?

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

NoteSee the BSN WebUI documentation for more details.

Creating a Presentation

Follow these steps to create and a presentation in the BSN WebUI:

1. Navigate to and sign in using your credentials.
2. Go to Edit tab and click Add New Presentation. 
3. Enter the target Device Model, as well as the Connector TypeVideo Mode, and Monitor orientation.


Note: The WebUI only allows you to create a non-interactive presentation with a single "Video or Images" zone.

4. Customize your presentation:

  • Add content to Library by clicking the Add Files button. You can sort media files in the Library by categories: Files, Video, Images, Playlists.
  • Drag media files from the Library to playlist area. Set properties for individual files by clicking on each file in the playlist.
  • Edit presentation properties by clicking Settings next to the project name.
  • Set zone properties by clicking Zone Settings button under Zone.
  • Press Save to save the presentation. Alternatively, you can use Save copy as... if you want to save the presentation under a different name. Your project will appear in all presentations list.

If you want to edit a presentation, click the Edit button beneath a presentation.

Note: The lock icon indicates that a presentation was created and uploaded to BSN using BrightAuthor. Such presentations cannot be edited in the WebUI.


Publishing the Presentation

Follow these steps to publish your presentation:

  1. Go to Groups tab.
  2. Click the properties of a group you want to publish a project to (or click Add Group to create a new group).
  3. Select the Presentations tab in the Properties window.
  4. Click the Add button to open the Schedule Presentation window.
  5. Use the Presentation drop down menu to select your presentation.
  6. Customize the presentation schedule:
    • Check Active All Day Every Day if you want the presentation to play at all times (without day parting).
    • Enter an Event Time if you wish to limit the presentation to a certain time of day (i.e. day parting). If you want the presentation to play all day, enter a time span between 0:00 and 24:00.
    • Enter an Event Date if you want the presentation to play on one specific date only. Otherwise, check the Recurrence box.
    • Check the Recurrence box if you want the daily schedule to recur specific days of the week (or all days of the week). Use the Start Date and End Date fields (if needed) to specify the length of time this weekly schedule should remain active.


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