Why can't I see unit logs in the WebUI under the Current Usage tab?

Last Updated: October 19, 2015

Before you can download the logs from your BSN network, you will need to enable the Logging options and specify when the logs should be uploaded from the unit's SD card to the cloud. Logging options are enabled during the Unit Setup process (in either BrightAuthor or the BSN WebUI).


 Alternatively, if a BrightSign player is connected to your network, you can enable logging by going to Manage > Status, right-clicking the player, selecting Edit, and checking the corresponding boxes for Logging.


Forcing Log Uploads

In addition to the automatic log uploads, you can manually send a command to each unit on your network to upload the logs. To do this, sign into your network using BrightAuthor (Tools > Sign in to BrightSign Network), navigate to Tools > Advanced > Unit Control, enter the unit serial number and select the Upload logs action. The player will upload logs the next time it connects to the BrightSign Network. 

You can also force log uploads in the WebUI: Navigate to the Groups tab, open a group, click properties beneath the desired player, select the Advanced tab, and check Reboot Unit.

Contacting the Device Handler

BrightSign players upload the logs to the device handler at the following URL:

The Device Handler returns an HTTP 405 status if opened in a browser.

You can use the BSN Connectivity Checker to test whether log uploads work from your current network location (or if a firewall is blocking access).

Note: It takes some time for the server to parse the logs and provide them for download in the WebUI Current Usage tab.

Tip: Use Excel to open the log files on your computer.

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