Err and Pwr flash in unison when setting up a player for BSN

This error occurs when the player cannot reach the BrightSign Network servers during the setup process.

The initial setup process instructs the player to download a setup file (also known as a "recovery" file) from the BSN servers. If the player cannot download this setup file, it will flash the Err and Pwr LEDs and reboot after a few moments. This process will repeat until the player can establish a connection to the BSN servers and download the setup file.

Note: The Err and Pwr LEDs flash in unison on Series 4 (XTx44, XDx34, HDx24, LS424) and Series 3 (XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423) models. On earlier models, the Err and Upd LEDs flash instead.

Troubleshooting Connectivity

To troubleshoot this problem, you will need to resolve the connectivity issue between the player and the BSN servers. The following are common connectivity issues:

No Internet access

You can perform Network Diagnostic tests to determine if the player has general Internet connectivity. There are two ways to perform these tests:

  • Create the setup files again in BrightAuthor or the WebUI and enable Network Diagnostics: Click the Advanced Network Setup button, navigate to the Diagnostics tab, and check Enable network diagnostics. Make sure to check the Test Internet Connection box, as well as the Test Ethernet and/or Test Wireless boxes, as well.
  • If you enabled the Diagnostic Web Server as part of the initial setup process, you can use it to perform Network Diagnostics. Navigate to the Diagnostics tab and click Run under Network Diagnostics.

The DNS servers cannot resolve the BSN servers

The BrightSign Network servers are located on an Amazon S3 instance. If your provider cannot resolve these addresses, try configuring your network to use the Google Public DNS by setting the DNS addresses to and

Proxy or firewall issue

A network proxy or firewall may be blocking calls to the BrightSign Network servers on Amazon S3. See this FAQ for a list of ports and IP addresses that should be allowed.

SSL or HTTPS issue

The initial setup step requires a secure call to the BSN servers. This call will fail if there's a certificate issue on the network or if a proxy server on the network is rejecting secure calls.

The player cannot reach the default time server

The player uses a BSN-based time server to set its time and date. Even if you set a different Time Server during the unit setup process, the player must use the default time server the first time it checks in with BSN. This issue is caused by a firewall blocking HTTP time (HTP) calls or, if the player has been configured to use NTP, calls on UDP port 123.

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