How do I manage players after upgrading from BrightPlates to BSN?

Important: BrightPlates is End-of-Life as of Jun 9, 2022.

With a BrightPlates account, each player is treated as an individual unit: You must publish presentations to each player separately. On the other hand, the BrightSign Network treats players as members of a group, allowing you to modify the schedules of multiple players at once.

For this reason, when you upgrade from a BrightPlates account to a BrightSign Network account, BrightPlates will initially only show an “Unassigned” group under My Groups. Follow these steps to create a new group scheme after upgrading to BSN.

Create new groups

Sign in to the BSN WebUI and navigate to the Groups tab. Note that all of your players start out in the “Unassigned” group.

Use the Add Group button to add as many groups as needed. It is best to decide now how you want to categorize your players: by location, by function, etc. You can still manage players individually if you wish by creating a separate group for each player.

Add your players to the groups

Use the arrow next to the “Unassigned” group to view your players. Use one of these two methods to move them:

  • Open the target group. Drag a player from the list in the “Unassigned” group to the target group.
  • Select a player and click Move Device To.... Select the target group and click Move.


Next steps

The groups created here will now be visible in the BrightPlates UI, and you can publish to them just like you could publish to individual player before. You can also use the full range of scheduling and monitoring features available via BSN and BrightAuthor. 

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