What's the difference between BrightPlates and BSN?

Important: BrightPlates is End-of-Life as of Jun 9, 2022.

BrightPlates has the following features:

  • Device setup: Configure players for BrightPlates using an SD card.
  • Presentation creation: Create single-page presentations using pre-made HTML templates.
  • Publishing: Publish presentations to individual players. Each player will display the presentation 24/7.

BrightSign Network has all the features of BrightPlates, as well as these additional features:

  • BrightAuthor: Create and publish presentations using a powerful PC authoring tool.
  • Presentation creation: Create playlists of images, audio, video, or HTML.
  • Scheduling: Create day-parted schedules that can include multiple presentations.
  • Groups: Organize players into groups, allowing you to easily modify the schedules of multiple players.
  • Feeds: Create data or media feeds to distribute dynamic content to players.
  • Health monitoring: Monitor the status of players remotely using health indicators and screenshots.
  • Logging: Retrieve device logs, such as playback records, diagnostic reports, etc.
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