How can I learn the hardware rev of a BrightSign player?

BrightSign players go through a number of revisions ("revs") during the hardware production lifecycle. Revs are lettered starting with A (e.g. "rev B", "rev C", "rev D").

If you want to know the hardware rev of your BrightSign player, locate the device serial number (the easiest place to find the serial number is on the label located on the bottom of the player). The third character in the serial number is the hardware rev: For example, the serial number "33H769000122" is a rev H of the player model.

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    Drab Halituo

    Yes, this article provides helpful information on determining the hardware revision (rev) of a BrightSign player based on the serial number. It states that the third character in the serial number indicates the hardware rev. For instance, mcdvoice in the example provided, the serial number "33H769000122" corresponds to a rev H of the player model. 

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