How do I reboot a player via BrightSign Network?

Last updated: June 4, 2018

Players connected to the BrightSign Network service can be instructed to reboot.  The reboot will take effect the next time the player checked into the BSN server.

Not using BrightSign Network?  See other ways to remotely reboot the player in How do I remotely reboot or restart my player?

You can instruct a player to reboot from either the BSN Web UI, or from BrightAuthor.  Instructions for both methods appear below.

Note the following requirements:

  1. The player must have an active BSN subscription - players without active subscriptions will not take any action upon connection to BSN.
  2. The player must be communicating with BSN. - if the player cannot reach BSN, it will not see the instruction to reboot.
  3. The restart will happen on the player's next check-in to BSN.

Step by Step - BSN Web UI

  1. Log into the BrightSign Network Web UI at
  2. Click the Current Usage tab or the Groups tab and locate the player you want to reboot and click the Properties link.
    Current Usage

    Groups - Expand the group to locate the player

  3. Click the Advanced tab and tick the Reboot Unit box.
    The player will reboot the next time it connects to BSN, which is the shorter of the configured Health Check or Content Check frequency.  The Reboot Unit option will be cleared automatically after the player reboots.


Step by Step - BrightAuthor

  1. Launch BrightAuthor.
  2. Check the upper right corner.  If it says Not signed in. Then you need to sign in to your BrightSign Network account from Tools>Sign In to BrightSign Network
  3. You should see Signed in to network: _____ on the upper right.

    NOTE: If you do not see the Sign In to BrightSign Network option, go to Edit>Preferences, Networking tab and tick Enable BrightSign Network.
  4. Go to Tools>Advanced
  5. Click the Unit Control tab and enter the Serial Number of the player.
    If you don't know the player's serial number, scroll up and use the BSN Web UI instead, or get the player's serial number (Unit ID) from the Manage tab.
  6. Select Reboot unit in the Action drop-down, then click the Add action button.
  7. A confirmation appears.
  8. If you have more players to reboot, replace the serial number with their serial numbers, clicking Add action to add the Reboot unit action for each one.
    The player(s) will reboot on their next check-in to BSN.
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