How do I display a YouTube video or playlist on my player using BrightAuthor?

NOTE: This page describes how to play a YouTube video or playlist in BrightAuthor, our legacy software. To play a YouTube video or playlist in BrightAuthor:connected, see this page.
BrightSign players that can display HTML5 content can play YouTube videos in an HTML5 state.
You can add YouTube video in an HTML5 state by constructing the proper embedded player URL from the standard YouTube page's URL.
Both single videos and playlists can be displayed, but the procedure differs a bit between the two.
How do I tell whether I have a single video or a playlist?
There are two ways to tell:
1. Look at the URL in you browser.  If there's list=something there, it's a playlist.  Otherwise it's a single video.
Single video - there's no list= in the URL
Playlist - there's list= in the URL
 2. Look at the box on the right side that contains the list of videos.  If it says Up next and has a control for Autoplay, you're on a single video and that list is automatically generated by YouTube.
Single video - no playlist name/author, you can toggle Autoplay
Playlist - playlist name and author listed, you can shuffle and repeat as well as add to Library
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