How do I schedule a player to reboot at a particular day/time every week in BrightAuthor?

Last updated: June 6, 2018

While BrightSign players are solid platforms that some customers have run for months or even years, sometimes you need to have the player reboot on a regular basis, whether it's to refresh some remote content, re-sync with a problematic display or peripheral, or just for your own peace of mind.

You can easily implement a scheduled reboot by creating a simple presentation that executes the Other>Reboot command and adding it to the published schedule.

Step by Step

  1. Launch BrightAuthor.
  2. Click the Edit tab if you aren't already there.
  3. File>New Presentation to create a new presentation.
  4. Name the presentation Reboot.
    The target model and output resolution don't matter too much choose a model you have.  If you're using a legacy HD110, HD210 or HD1010 with BrightAuthor 3.8/older, be sure to select the model you have.
    Select a resolution that that your screens support.
  5. Choose the Full screen template.
  6. Switch the playlist to be Interactive.
  7. Click the other tab in the Media Library.
  8. Find the Event Handler state and drag it into the empty playlist storyboard.
  9. Double-click the Event Handler.  The Event Handler properties appear.
  10. Click the Advanced tab.
  11. Click Add Command under Entry Commands.
  12. Set the Command to Other and the Command Parameters to Reboot.
  13. Click OK and Save the presentation.
  14. Click the Publish tab.
  15. If the schedule is not completely blue, drag and drop the Reboot presentation from the left side into the schedule.

    Otherwise the schedule will be completely blue with the Reboot presentation set as a non-stop event.
  16. Double-click the blue schedule block in the schedule.  The Schedule Presentation properties appear.
  17. If Active all day, every day is ticked, un-tick it.
  18. Set the Start and End times just 2-3 minutes apart starting at the time you want it to reboot.  You can type a time directly into the boxes.
    It's unnecessary to schedule the block longer as it'll just have the player reboot multiple times during the time block.
  19. Tick the Recurring Event box and select a pattern.
    For 7-day, weekday, or weekend reboots, select Daily recurrence.

    To specify specific days of the week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, etc), select Weekly recurrence.
  20. Unless you want the scheduled reboots to stop at some point, select No end date as the End of the recurrence.
  21. Click OK.  The schedule appears in the specified time(s).

    If the blocks are tiny, Zoom In.

    (Zoomed in three times)
  22. Repeat steps 15-21 for any additional times you want reboots to happen.
  23. Add your normal content to the presentation schedule if you have not already.
  24. Publish the schedule to your players or groups as you normally would.
    If you're not using BrightSign Network, be sure to Save the schedule from the Schedule menu so you can reload it to publish changes later.

Now the player will automatically reboot as scheduled.

Advanced users with Non-stop schedules can just schedule the Reboot presentation over the existing presentation as a schedule interrupt.  See the BrightAuthor User Guide for more information on schedule interrupts.

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    Yuksioa Yukiolsa

    The Reboot presentation can be scheduled as a schedule interrupt over the current presentation for experienced users with non-stop schedules.  

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