Root CA Certificates

This page lists the root CA certificates used by current BrightSign operating systems. These certificates are used by all components of the BrightSign system. 

The BrightSign operating system uses NSS for all certificates. Our current version is 3.42.1 and it is sourced from this location. This version is correct for all version 8.2.x BrightSign operating systems. 

Inside the NSS 3.42.1 package, the certs data is located at nss/lib/ckfw/builtins/certdata.txt

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    Frank Bowen

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    ChatGPT Nederlands

    This is a helpful resource! Is there a specific reason the listed root certificates would need updating?  I'm particularly curious how often these changes occur and if there are ways to automate the update process.  ChatGPT might be able to shed light on common practices for managing root certificates.


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