BrightSign End-of-life (EOL) Policy

BrightSign End-of-life (EOL) Policy

BrightSign product life cycles are driven by the aggressive innovation typical of today’s market for multimedia and consumer electronic products. The suppliers of these product components routinely update their designs with faster and more capable versions. As they progress, previous device versions are discontinued and can no longer be purchased.

We recognize the impact that end-of-life milestones may have on your business operations. Although devices may only be available to purchase for a limited time, BrightSign makes reasonable commercial efforts to support compatibility across product families, even for product families that are no longer sold.

By providing end-of-life information, we hope to set expectations and allow you enough time to plan for changes and reduce or eliminate any negative impact on your business. We have set out below the BrightSign end-of-life policy milestones and definitions to help you better manage any impact from the end-of-life process.

The BrightSign End-of-life (EOL) Policy applies to all BrightSign customers, including those notified of our initial end-of-life announcement on September 21, 2018.



Term Definition
First Customer Shipment (FCS) The date that the product was initially available for order/shipment.
End-of-life Announcement Date The date that BrightSign published End of Technical Support (EOTS) information for a given product.
End of Software Support (EOSS) The date that software or firmware is no longer released for a given hardware platform.
End of Technical Support (EOTS) The date that all forms of technical support assistance from BrightSign are no longer available.


End-of-life (EOL) Matrix

The End-of-life Matrix shows, for each product line, the respective dates for the milestones listed above. Please note that products that were released before an official end-of-life policy may have retroactive dates listed.


Model(s) First Customer Shipment (FCS) End-of-life Announcement End of Software Support (EOSS) End of Technical Support (EOTS)
BrightAuthor Firmware
Version Date Version Date
HD1024, HD224 Dec 17, 2018
LS424 Dec 17, 2018
XT244,XT1144 Jul 25, 2018
XD244, XD1034 Jul 25, 2018
HO523 Jan 31, 2017
HS123 Dec 22, 2016
XT243, XT1143 Sep 14, 2016
XD233, XD1033 Sep 13, 2016
HD223, HD1023 Sep 8, 2016
LS423 Sep 9, 2016
4K242, 4K1042, 4K1142 Sep 22, 2014
LS322 Dec 1, 2014 Sep 21, 2018 Dec 29, 2017 Dec 31, 2019
XD232, XD1032, XD1132 Nov 26, 2014 Sep 21, 2018 7.1.113 May 24, 2019 Nov 30, 2019
HD222, HD1022 Nov 27, 2014 Sep 21, 2018 7.1.113 May 24, 2019 Nov 30, 2019
LS422 Nov 11, 2014 Sep 21, 2018 Dec 29, 2017 Nov 30, 2019
HD1020, HD220, HD120, AU320
Apr 1, 2012 Sep 21, 2018 Dec 17, 2018 6.1.76 May 19, 2016 Dec 31, 2018
XD1230, XD1030, XD230 Apr 1, 2012 Sep 21, 2018 Dec 17, 2018 6.1.76 May 19, 2016 Dec 31, 2018
HD1010W, HD210W Jan 1, 2011 Sep 21, 2018 Nov 14, 2014 3.10.57 Sep 4, 2013 Dec 31, 2018
HD1010, HD810, HD410, HD210, HD110 Mar 1, 2009 Sep 21, 2018 Nov 14, 2014 3.10.57 Sep 4, 2013 Dec 31, 2018

• = still currently supported



If my product is end-of-life, does that mean it will stop working?

Your product will continue working, even if it has reached this milestone. If your product is end-of-life, we suggest purchasing the equivalent current version of your player model(s), so you can take advantage of new software releases that include additional functionality, bug fixes, and features. Please contact your BrightSign reseller or for more information.


How can I tell if my product is still supported?

Find the model number of your product on the End-of-life Matrix. It will show you the final versions of firmware and BrightAuthor available for your product, as well as the final date to receive technical support from BrightSign for that product.

Will my product work with BrightSign Network and BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition?

All product models are supported on both BrightSign Network (BSN) and BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition (BSNEE). If this changes in the future, we’ll update the End-of-life Matrix to include information about these products and services as well.

What does End of Software Support (EOSS) mean?

When the final versions of firmware and BrightAuthor are released for a given product and listed in the End-of-life matrix, this means BrightSign is no longer actively developing updates for your product, so any patches for newly discovered issues will not be available for your product.


What about hardware repairs?

BrightSign hardware is covered by our Limited Warranty—details are available on our terms and conditions page. In some cases, we may be able to provide an out-of-warranty replacement. If your limited warranty period has expired, you may contact to see if out-of-warranty replacement units are available.

Also, if you have older hardware that you would like to upgrade, please contact to see if you are eligible to upgrade your hardware.


What if I need help and my product has reached the End of Technical Support (EOTS) date?

BrightSign still has information about these products in our Knowledge Base, Community, and in our documentation. You can use the resources provided, and you can post on the support community to get help from other users.


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