Where Can I Find Previous OS Releases

The latest OS for your player will be listed on the downloads page.  Occasionally, an older OS version may be desired.  To download an older OS version, identify your player model below and select the desired OS version to download.


BrightSign XC5 - Models: XC2055, XC4055

BrightSign XD5 - Models: XD235, XD1035

BrightSign HD5 - Models: HD225, HD1025

BrightSign LS5 - Models: LS425, LS445

BrightSign AU335

Note: Mixing multiple audio sources to the same output isn't supported until 8.3.46

BrightSign XT4 - Models: XT244, XT1144

BrightSign XD4 - Models: XD234, XD1034

BrightSign HD4 - Models: HD224, HD1024

BrightSign LS4 - Models: LS424

BrightSign XT3 - Models: XT243, XT1143

BrightSign XD3 - Models: XD233, XD1033

BrightSign HD3 - Models: HD223, HD1023

BrightSign LS3 - Models: LS423

BrightSign HD-OPS - Models: HO523

BrightSign DSM - Models: HS123

BrightSign 4K - Models: 4K242, 4K1042, 4K1142

BrightSign XD2 - Models: XD232, XD1032, XD1132

BrightSign HD2 - Models: HD222, HD1022

BrightSign LS - Models: LS322, LS422


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