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How much do and BrightAuthor:connected cost?

BrightAuthor:connected is free to use, just like BrightAuthor, and a Control Cloud subscription is free on all connected players. The full feature set of Content Cloud is the same price as a BrightSign Network subscription, $99 per player per year.


Why did BrightSign create and BrightAuthor:connected?

These were built to address many pain-points that BrightSign and our CMS partners face. We simplified device deployment, network and player management, and delivered remote diagnostics, and we are making this functionality available to everyone. In addition, by using a more modern architecture, we’re able to provide a unified experience for BrightSign products on Mac and Windows, as well as through a Chrome web browser.


Are BrightSign Network (BSN) and connected?

No. These are completely separate platforms and ecosystems. Existing BSN users will need to create a account to take advantage of the new platform.


Can I move my BrightSign Network (BSN) account to

There are many elements that make up a BSN account, such as players, groups, users, permissions, content, and scheduling. Due to underlying architecture changes between the platforms, users need to export their presentation from BSN using BrightAuthor and then upload the presentation to


Can I use BrightAuthor for Windows and BrightAuthor:connected for Mac presentation development and have the players managed together?

No. These are separate platforms. A player can only be associated to and managed by one platform or the other.


Before moving my players from BrightSign Network and BrightAuthor to and BrightAuthor:connected, will BrightSign provide us with a pilot network to use for testing before moving players and presentations to a production network?

Anyone can sign up for a account and add eligible players to your account for testing.  If you want to compare the new Content and Management Cloud functionality to existing BrightSign Network functionality, a Content/Management Cloud subscription can be activated for 30 days.  Please note this is on an account by account basis and not per player. After the 30-day trial, Content/Management Cloud features will no longer be available, but the Control Cloud subscription and functionality will remain in place.


We already have a CMS used for digital signage. Should I consider and/or BrightAuthor:connected?

Many of our CMS partners are already actively working on expanding the functionality of their products by taking advantage of our new platform. Our platform improvements enable our CMS partners to simplify BrightSign player setup and bring new features and functionalities to their products, so we expect you will enjoy the benefits of our updated platform while using the CMS that you are familiar with.


Can I have BrightAuthor:connected installed at the same time as BrightAuthor?

Yes. Both BrightAuthor and BrightAuthor:connected can be installed on the same Windows PC.


I have a mix of players with BrightSign OS 8 and older BrightSign firmware 7.1. Can I use

No. requires players to be on OS 8 (8.0.119) or newer.


I’m currently using BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition (BSNEE).  Will BrightAuthor:connected work on my BSNEE?

No. We are working on a solution to bring our new platform to our BSNEE customers.


Since you are moving to a new platform, does this mean that you will no longer support BrightAuthor, BrightSign Network, and BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition?

BrightSign has not announced any end-of-life (EOL) information for these products. You can view our policy at In addition, you can follow the EOL article so you are notified when any updates are made, such as when end-of-life dates are announced for BrightSign products.


Will and BrightAuthor:connected work without internet access?

The Mac or Windows BrightAuthor:connected client software will operate in all the traditional non-connected modes, such as publishing for Standalone or using Local Network. There are additional features available when BrightAuthor:connected is connected to and those features will require internet connectivity.


How do I know my data is safe and what can you tell me about other security concerns with regard to and BrightAuthor:connected?

We are currently in the process of updating our security documentation for and BrightAuthor:connected.


Do I need to add exceptions to my firewall or port-forward for to work?

Please see this article for more details.

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